What Happens to the U.S. if Mexico Collapses?

By Lola

Here’s an interesting little piece that was aired on Fox News’ Glenn Beck Program this week featuring an interview with Texas Senator Dan Patrick (R).

I’ll let you be the judge. Comments, of course, are welcome.

Interview Glenn Beck/Senator Dan Patrick

3 thoughts on “What Happens to the U.S. if Mexico Collapses?”

  1. Yeah, I have a couple of comments:

    1) Faux News is a joke and comedian Glenn Beck is a high-school graduate radio guy whose job it is to throw red meat to his reactionary conservative audience. Mission accomplished.

    2)He makes the un-sourced claim that there were nearly 400 reported kidnappings in Phoenix last year, but provides no statistics as to any of them being connected to Mexico. (I’d bet that most were family related child-abductions)

    3) Yes, Mexico has a huge drug carte problem, but to say that it is on the “verge of collapse” demonstrates Beck’s lack of a reality base. Was the US near collapse to mobsters during Prohibition? Of course not, and neither is Mexico now. For self-serving and legitimate reasons the US will not let that happen to a country that shares our border and is out second largest trading partner. Ain’t gonna happen.

    4)The border has become a sieve during the past 8 years of the Bush administration, as cheap labor was a major goal to assuage business interests and to destroy America’s unions. Now they notice we have a border problem?

    5) Want to put the drug cartels out of business? Legalize and control weed and coke in the US. Instead we make a major deal out of Olympic-great Michael Phelps sucking on a bong….unbelievable.

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