What’s the news about The News?

by Ron Mader

Mexico City’s daily English newspaper The News resumed publication in late 2007 and has promised a website is in the offing, welcome news to those who are familiar with the paper.

For those not in Mexico City or one of the handful of Mexican cities that receive the dead tree version (Oaxaca gets a small ration that sells out quickly at 11am), there still is no online version of the daily.

Does it matter? The 2.0 version of The News provides insightful coverage of Mexico in English from a staff that is knowledgeable and willing to cover topics in depth. Highlights in this paper are the country’s is that the newspaper has one of the country’s best design and print jobs (along with Reforma and Record).


The News is a venerable institution and one that has its own degree of fame, including a Wikipedia entry and a number of sightings of the paper archived on Flickr: