Where To Live In Mexico

By David Simmonds 

One of the most important issues you need to consider when searching for your Mexico home is the climate and weather. Many people think of Mexico in terms of palm trees, beaches and warm oceans. But although Mexico has about 6,000 miles of coastline, not all of it is warm, and the majority of the population lives far from the beach…in mountains, deserts, jungles and flatlands. Many highly populated cities, including the colonial towns so popular with expats, sit over a mile high in elevation. The winter weather is often jacket-cool and the summers have frequent rains. The more popular beach towns are ideal…some say perfect from November through April. But June though October the humidity can be oppressive and the rains come almost daily. It has been said that the most perfect climate in the world is in the town of Tepic, in Jalisco. I won’t argue that point…but I need a beach and Tepic is an hour from the ocean. Expats have long flocked to the Guadalajara and Lake Chapala region, which has fine year-round weather…but again, no ocean nearby.

So, you need to learn what you can about your areas of interest. If you want to never wear a jacket again, choose wisely. If you love the ocean, spend a summer there. Did I mention that is when the bugs thrive?