Why The Musicians Are Getting Whacked

MP News Staff

Thus far, we have been reluctant to say anything about the insanity of some of Mexico’s most popular musicians being brutally killed by organized crime members, seemingly without provocation. It just made no sense and we had yet found a plausible explanation. Some accounts noted that certain groups attach themselves to one of the drug cartels, romanticizing the narco-business in song, which then puts them in the crosshairs of a competing cartel, who massacres the lead singer in a hail of bullets or a slit throat. Or the “adopted” band does something to offend their favored cartel, ending in the same result. This is crazy stuff, but it didn’t really add up. Not that anything involving the drug business necessarily speaks to rational behavior. It’s obviously a very chaotic world that operates outside the rules of a civilized society. Or, more accurately, they write their own rules and then follow them to precision.

That said, this article found at The Washington Post via MSNBC¬†comes as close to explaining this sordid and deadly game better than anything else we have found. The report outlines and describes how entrenched the drug cartels are in the music business and the reasons for it. “It is common knowledge in Mexico’s music industry, but not known to the general public, that drug cartels finance the careers of some budding musicians, then launder money through unregulated concert ticket sales, according to industry sources, musicians and law enforcement”. That quote from the article is the driving motivation. To read the entire piece please click here: